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Tidy Cats, No. 1 in litter, was under performing in the largest, growing and most profitable category. To keep growing the brand was radically repositioned - as the cat litter specially formulated for multiple cats, capitalizing on the size and volume of the multiple cat-owning segment of the market (50% that account for 70% of sales). The advertising communicated the repositioning quickly, effectively and convincingly, protecting Tidy Cats from competitor encroachment and helped it to achieve the No. 1 position in scooping litter.

Brand: Tidy Cats
Client: Nestl Purina PetCare Company
Agency: Berlin Cameron & Partners
Language: English

Incredible Dog Food. Incredible Dogs.

Facing a category in which consumers were becoming more nutritionally sophisticated, Purina Dog Chow was losing both share and relevance. As Dog Chow headed into 1998, the brand was facing intense competitive pressure from higher-priced and highly-recommended Super-Premium brands, resulting in dramatic sales declines. Dog Chow was reformulated to regain momentum in this new marketplace. In just three months, the launch of Dog Chow Nutritional Excellence Formula positioned the brand to compete in this new nutritionally -minded landscape, blunting the growth of its strongest competitor and reclaiming lost share worth nearly $30MM.

Brand: Purina Dog Chow
Client: Nestl Purina PetCare Company
Agency: Fallon McElligott
Language: English

What do you feed the head of the household. Only the best.

With the primary objective of contributing significantly to the profitability of Kal Kan by establishing a new segment and a solid brand within it, the introduction of CESAR Select Dinners Combined national consumer print advertising, television in select markets, consumer promotion and exclusive sponsorships to communicate with a highly involved target.

Brand: Cesar
Client: Kal Kan Foods, Inc.
Agency: BBDO West
Language: English

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