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For when the depa?

Brand: Alamo Residencial
Client: SSC inmobiliaria
Agency: esferacc
Language: Spanish

Odnodvushki (a combination of two Russian words odnushka - one-room apartment and dvushka – two-room apartment)

Brand: Sibacademstroy (Brusnika. Novosibirsk)
Client: Sibacademstroy (Brusnika. Novosibirsk)
Agency: Deltaplan
Language: English

Find Your Way Home

In the online real estate category there is a race for leadership. In their effort to claim top positioning, Zillow wanted to be the first to launch a campaign led by TV that highlighted rational benefits in ways that emphasized their emotional impact in the home-shopping process. Find Your Way Home surpassed all immediate business goals and established an emotional high ground for the category. Because in reality people aren't just looking for a home; they are looking for a place for their life to happen.

Brand: Zillow
Client: Zillow, Inc.
Agency: Deutsch LA
Language: English

2019_mn_2019_183_hero_1 Dubai Holding Who helped shape Dubai into Dubai?
2019_mn_2019_184_hero_1 AZURE AL REEM AZURE AL REEM
2018_ru_2018_1266_hero_1 SinaraDevelopment Building value for the future

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