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Almagro Penthouse

Brand: Almagro
Client: Almagro
Agency: Simple
Language: Spanish

Agents of Change

As the housing market went from a boom to a transition market, Century 21 needed a campaign to break through the clutter, increase brand awareness measures over Re/Max, and boost the amount of traffic to as well as the number of consumer leads to the system of affiliated brokers. Agents of Change was a rallying cry for the organization by presenting realistic and emotional situations. The campaign resulted in 46% brand awareness increase, improved visitor traffic to, and increased consumer leads ranging from 185% to 224% for the entire system of brokers.

Brand: Century 21
Client: Century 21
Agency: mcgarrybowen
Language: English

The Secret Coast

The campaign entitled The Secret Coastwas developed for Centex Destination Properties: Pointe West as a means to reenergize consumer interest, as well as neutralize low perceptions of its location in Galveston, TX. The campaign exceeded objectives in lead generation.

Brand: Pointe West
Client: Centex Destination Properties
Agency: Firehouse
Language: English

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