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Web of Fries

For years Taco Bell had failed to launch French fries in America because no one wants fries from a Mexican restaurant. America is the land of burgers and fries, and McDonald’s serves the most loved fries on the planet. To launch fries, we would have to outperform our LTO sales average and gain affinity from a more mass audience. So how did we get America dipping their fries in nacho cheese instead of ketchup? By opening their eyes to a sinister plot the burger monopoly had hidden for years.

Brand: Taco Bell
Client: Taco Bell
Agency: Deutsch LA


To outgrow a shrinking category, IHOP needed to think beyond the pancake by launching new burgers. To convince an indifferent world, we needed to prove that we took our burgers as seriously as our pancakes. So we did the most serious thing possible. We changed our name to IHOb. The simple flip of a P to a b started a world-wide guessing game. Upon revealing b = burgers, we ignited a viral phenomenon that sparked cultural debate, skyrocketed burger sales, and rekindled America's love for IHOP.

Brand: IHOP
Client: IHOP
Agency: Droga5

Dominos Loves Pizza Hut!

Brand: Pizza Hut
Client: Yum Restaurants Marketing Pvt. Ltd.
Agency: Ogilvy & Mather Group, India

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