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KFC - The Most Delicious Union of All Time

Fast food is a highly competitive and crowded category. To stand out and successfully launch Chicken & Waffles, we bucked category conventions for limited-time offers (LTO’s), which typically favor hard-working “food porn” executions.  Instead, we brought together two advertising icons—Colonel Sanders and a life-size bottle of Mrs. Butterworth’s syrup—to serve as an engaging and absurd visual metaphor for the product.  The Colonel and Mrs. Butterworth’s ensuing love affair got fast food eaters and the national media talking, brought in new customers, and delivered KFC’s best sales window in years.

Brand: KFC
Client: KFC
Agency: Wieden+Kennedy
Language: English

My Taste of Hong Kong

In order to enlarge the customer base of McDonald’s premium burger offering, we created a product line that was fully inspired by the city and its people – for the first time in the brand’s 43-year old history. We partnered with a true connoisseur of local culture and cuisine: superstar Nicholas Tse, and together developed a product line-up that put a McDonald’s twist on local favourites. We sold over 2 million burgers in less than 7 weeks, and more importantly, recorded a 257% growth across all of our premium burgers.

Brand: McDonald's Signature Burger Collection
Client: MHK Restaurants Ltd.
Agency: DDB Group Hong Kong
Language: English

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Haters gonna hate, use them as bait. KFC’s New Fries Campaign, 2018

By daring to promote people’s negative tweets about KFC’s old fries, we created a media first that turned our haters into hypers. To help smooth the introduction of KFC’s new fries we used Twitter to reposition KFC’s old ones as something that needed fixing.  This risky strategy paved the way for the new fries campaign, heralding them as the saviour to the problem, whilst giving us maximum attention along the way. This in turn bolstered brand perceptions and grew penetration for the business.

Brand: KFC
Client: KFC UK&I
Agency: Mother London
Language: English

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