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i'm lovin' It

As the industry leader, McDonald's saw the importance of providing balanced choices to even its littlest customers. In 2004 it introduced Happy Meal Choices (i.e. chocolate milk, low-fat white milk, apple juice and fresh apple slices). The launch campaign had to convince skeptical moms that the familiar "dream-come-true meal" for kids would be just as appealing. Results demonstrate not only increases in sales but also improvement in parents' perceptions of McDonald's offering a variety of foods for kids.

Brand: McDonald's Happy Meal Choices
Client: McDonald's Corporation
Agency: Leo Burnett USA
Language: English

Big Bell Value Menu

How does Taco Bell, the "cheap" Mexican option, get back in the value game? Refresh what value means at fast food and knock Wendy's out of its value leadership position. How did we do it? A successful introduction of the Big Bell Value Menu drove visit frequency among the Heavy Fast Food User, and menu triers came back to the brand more often resulting in dramatic sales increases. And, we knocked Wendy's off its value leadership pedestal.

Brand: Taco Bell
Client: Taco Bell Corporation
Agency: FCB
Language: English

i'm lovin' it

This campaign positions McDonald's Premium Salads as a meal for health-conscious women and communicates McDonald's interest in balance, active lifestyles. Specifically, the campaign positions Premium Salads as a lighter- fare meal option and highlights McDonald's awareness of women's interest in active lifestyles. Results from this campaign demonstrate not only increases in Premium Salad sales, but also improvements in consumers' perceptions of McDonald's as offering foods that "change with the times."

Brand: McDonald's Premium Salads
Client: McDonald's Corporation
Agency: Leo Burnett USA
Language: English

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