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What You Crave

White Castle remains the contrarian in the fast food category. It zigs when the market zags. White Castle advertising celebrates its customers by affectionately referring to them as "One of Ours" and by giving them "What you Crave." As a result, White Castle sales have increased versus the bigger players in the category, as well as on an average sales per unit basis.

Brand: White Castle
Client: White Castle
Agency: JWT
Language: English

Spice Up The Night

When you Think Outside The Bun, your late night experience isn't just eating after 9pm. Intense cravings drive you to go to any lengths to "Spice Up the Night" -- that is, to satisfy your Late Night hunger. Capitalizing on this insight lead Taco Bell to an astounding increase their Late Night sales evidenced immediately after the campaign started to air. Taco Bell now supports Late Night year round and the Late Night sales results, in turn, continue strong today.

Brand: Taco Bell
Client: Taco Bell Corporation
Agency: FCB West
Language: English

Give In To The Pollo

El Pollo Loco began to feel the pinch of the economic downturn following a string of successful years of same store growth -- the truest sign of brand health -- and lost sight of the brand's core strength and alienated its core target: Moms. A new marketing leader, a new agency team and a new campaign re-discovered the magic of the brand and struck a chord with its lapsed consumers in recognizing, it's all about the chicken, stupid! Same-store sales in less than six months went from negative to positive and the brand is already on track to beat its original year-end sales plan.

Brand: El Pollo Loco
Client: El Pollo Loco
Agency: Young & Rubicam Irvine
Language: English

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