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What You Crave - One of Ours

White Castle remains the contrarian in the fast food restaurant category. It zigs when the market zags. White Castle advertising celebrates its customers by affectionately referring to them as "One of Ours" and by giving them "What You Crave."

Brand: White Castle
Client: White Castle
Agency: JWT
Language: English

Stacked Deck

Research showed that consumers were fairly comfortable with their usual lunchtime offering. Therefore, to create awareness among consumers and potential franchisees (ultimately driving increased sales) Quiznos had to give more consumers a reason to question their usual choice - to show them that there was a better, more flavorful alternative available. Using parodies of the traditional "taste test," extreme situations were created to demonstrate how one would have to "cheat" in order to get someone to choose a flavorless, untoasted sub over the superior taste of a Quizos toasted one.

Brand: Quiznos Sub
Client: Quiznos
Agency: Cliff Freeman & Partners
Language: English

Think Outside the Bun

As a campaign, tagline or call to action "Think Outside the Bun" is inherently competitive, illustrating the problem and the solution in a matter of four words. When it takes a higher road it becomes the rallying cry for free thinkers everywhere. The "Think Outside the Bun" campaign is meant to strike an emotional cord with consumers and get them to re-frame their perceptions of Taco Bell...jolt them out of the apathy they have felt, force them to re-think their perceptions and jar their QSR behavior.

Brand: Taco Bell
Client: Taco Bell Corporation
Agency: FCB West
Language: English

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