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Jack Picks Up The Check

For 2001, Jack in the Box set objective of increasing the average guest check by 1%. The fast food industry average check amount had been trending done for three teats, as customers became used to promotional discounts, value menus, and price wars. Jack in the Box targeted fast food indulgers with two media events during the year, Finger Foods and Shakes. the result: Jack in the Box surpassed its 1% goal, and achieved a 3.7% increase in average check for the year.

Brand: Jack in the Box
Client: Jack in the Box
Agency: Secret Weapon Marketing
Language: English

What You Crave - One of Ours

As White Castle, the nation's first fast food restaurant chain, approaches its eightieth birthday, it remains the contrarian. It zigs when the market zags. but, in song so, White Castle remains true to itself and to its customers. the advertising celebrates these customers by affectionately referring to then as "One of Ours" and by giving them "What You Crave."

Brand: White Castle
Client: White Castle
Agency: JWT
Language: English

The Six Dollar Burger Only $3.95

The Six Dollar Burger campaign was developed to create a unique marketing concept that Carl's Jr. could own. Positioning the product as the first restaurant quality burger available at a fast food place, set us apart from the competition by establishing a whole new segment for the category, immediately defining the burger as premium quality as well as providing a halo effect on the entire brand. The TV campaign tapped into the mindset of our burger addict target by communicating that now they could get the restaurant quality burger they craved without the restaurant "annoyances" or prices. The radio provided credibility by hearing in consumer's own words where they would expect to find a burger of this quality and what they would expect to pay for it.

Brand: Carl's Jr. Restaurants
Client: Carl Karcher Enterprises
Agency: Mendelsohn/ZIen Advertising
Language: English

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