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BIG KING Introduction

In 1997, Burger King laid the groundwork to launch the BIG KING -- a bigger, better Big Mac, with the goal of increasing its share of heavy users at McDonald's expense. Just weeks before the introduction, the USDA announced the largest beef recall in U.S. history and implicated a key Burger King supplier. Amidst widespread consumer panic regarding the safety of its burgers, Burger King was the "king" of high quality and great-tasting burgers, the BIG KING launch was highly successful in propelling sales and regaining consumer trust.

Client: Burger King Corporation
Agency: Ammirati Puris Lintas

Eat Mor Chikin

This campaign uniquely positioned Chick-fil-A as the premium alternative to fast food hamburgers. We set out to establish a brand campaign that would increase awareness ultimately drive increased sales. We exceeded those goals, but, more important, our client now has a brand icon that will outlast the Eveready Energizer Bunny.

Brand: Chick-fil-A
Client: Chick-fil-A, Inc.
Agency: The Richards Group


As a result of its relevant strategy and breakthrough creative execution, this campaign has reinvigorated the McDonald's brand. This effort has resulted in the most successful new product launch in McDonald's history and has dramatically outperformed all expectations and exceeded every goal established. Importantly, it served as the first step in asking adults to reconsider the McDonald's brand once again and set the stage for the success of the recently launched Deluxe Line. Perhaps the greatest tribute to this campaign is that the Arch Deluxe became a part of popular culture in such a short amount of time and in many ways has become a part of popular culture in such a short amount of time and in many ways has become the yardstick by which grown-upness is now measured.

Brand: McDonald's
Client: McDonald's Corporation
Agency: Fallon McElligott

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