Quick Service, casual dining, mid-scale, white table cloth and other restaurants.




Brand: KFC Skinfree Crispy Chicken
Client: KFC Corporation
Agency: Young & Rubicam
Language: English

Family Reputation

Brand: McDonald's
Client: McDonald's
Agency: Leo Burnett Co.
Language: English

New Products/Six Locations

The "New Products/Six Locations" campaign was designed to test a new brand concept for Kentucky Fried Chicken in which new snack and side products, along with improved facilities, offer a reason for more consumers to use KFC more often. The new menu variety appeals to a broader consumer target and expands day-part usage, allowing KFC to better compete head-on with the burger chain fast food leaders. The test offers the opportunity to evaluate the potential of adding a new dimension to the brand's business, beyond the traditional large pack meals, and ultimately capturing increased market share for Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Brand: Kentucky Fried Chicken Hawaii
Client: Kentucky Fried Chicken Hawaii
Agency: Starr Seigle McCombs, Inc.
Language: English

2021_uk_2021_e-602-197_hero_1 KFC UK&I KFC: Delivering growth in the face of 40m new competitors.
2021_uk_2021_e-616-585_hero_1 Subway Equally Delicious Balls for All
2021_us_2021_e-6245-419_hero_1 Dunkin' Dunkin’ “All the Fall Things” 2020

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