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Big Mac Craving

With hip new burger joints popping up over the GCC, our young foodies were forgetting about the delicious taste of a Big Mac. On their 50th anniversary, Big Mac was ready to regain it's McLovin'. Hinged on the craving for a Big Mac everyone has the moment they think of it, we created the Big Mac Character. A representation of that voice in your head begging you to satisfy your taste buds. The campaign saw immediate success with Big Mac sales doubling and restaurant visits quadrupling

Brand: McDonald's
Client: McDonald's GCC Co-Op Partners Inc.
Agency: Leo Burnett
Language: English

Valentine's joy for the heartbroken

Jollibee is the Philippines’ leading fast food restaurant. Except on Valentine’s. Because Jollibee is not top-of-mind for a romantic meal. Neither is it associated with the season. So, how do we get Filipinos to visit Jollibee during Valentine’s? While everyone was celebrating romance, we found an irresistible reason for people to crave the comfort of fast food – heartbreak. The result? Jollibee’s best Valentine’s ever. Sales of featured products soared and store sales tripled.

Brand: Jollibee
Client: Jollibee Foods Corporation
Agency: McCann Worldgroup Philippines
Language: English

CEVA / Something from KFC

Brand: KFC
Client: US Food Network
Agency: McCann Worldgroup Romania
Language: Romanian

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