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The Roaming Gnome Campaign

You are entering the Winter of 2003 and things look bleak. You were once the category leader, the pioneer and the dominant brand in your industry. Now you are #2 and on your way being #3 in market share. You are weakened by a price war and your biggest rival has vowed to crush all competitors by ___spending more than anyone else can afford__. You have a great company, but no clear proprietary advantage. How do you return to brand prominence? If you are Travelocity, you invest in a creative idea that establishes your brand as an enabler for savvy consumers and, as a result, the downward brand momentum has been reversed and site visitation to-date is 208% of goal.

Brand: Travelocity
Agency: McKinney
Language: English

It's Coming Back.

By recognizing that the core audience was critical to preserving the asset they had paid for, Roxio and its agency successfully re-launched Napster while preserving its cool. Using a fully integrated campaign with irreverent media and creative choices, Napster made its budget feel much bigger than it was, attracting the biggest share of traffic of all shopping music sites in Q4 2003, and reaching $5 M downloads just 90 days after re-launch.

Brand: Napster
Client: Napster
Agency: Venables, Bell & Partners
Language: English

The New Priceline's "The New Priceline" campaign focused on what online travel consumers desire most-choosing exact flights, times, and airlines-all at low prices. The unique advertising approach was to communicate this news for the brand, yet position the product as superior to that of its competition given that only Priceline offers consumers a choice of ways to book airfare. Priceline faced the challenges of late entry into the full-service airfare category and a media spend much lower than its top competitors. However, the "The New Priceline" campaign was successful in reversing negative perceptions of, breaking through a cluttered category, and resulting in unprecedented gains in key business and brand/product imagery measures for the company.

Agency: Gotham Inc.
Language: English

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