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We're With You

In the 2nd half of 2001, Circuit City set out to relaunch its brand and turn-around negative sales in time for the critical Holiday retail season, and beyond. The "We're With You" campaign highlights the enthusiasm men feel about consumer electronics, features entertaining and highly relatable situations that people find themselves in when purchasing electronics, and provides tangible reasons to shop at Circuit City -- helpful and informed sales counselors and unique service policies. This fully integrated campaign drove significant increases in all key brand communication measures and resulted in double-digit December sales increases, with positive sales trends holding to date!

Brand: Circuit City
Client: Circuit City Stores, Inc.
Agency: FCB
Language: English

Saturday One Day Only Sales

Most retailers proclaim sales all the time. How could JCPenney launch a new One Day Only sales event and stand out in the sea of cluttered sale advertising? By making the event all about Mom's shopping day - it's just for her. And shop Mom did, leading to an average 72% sales increase on sale days versus the previous year!

Brand: JCPenney
Client: The JCPenney Company
Agency: DDB Chicago
Language: English


In a competitive category where everyone looks the same, decided to set itself apart and create an enduring brand. By focusing on the exploration of travel expertise of the team that runs Travelocity, the brand has successfully captured the category high ground through advertising and site design. this has paid dividends in not only awareness and brand imagery, but in revenue increases as well.

Brand: Travelocity
Agency: The Richards Group
Language: English

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