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Call Out

The Call Outs campaign was designed to establish the Ford F-150 as a contemporary, stylish looking vehicle with hot new colors and at a great value. Additionally, the ultimate goal was to increase the daily sales rate of Ford F-Series pickups within the Memphis Ford Region. The daily sales rate increased for the months of May and June, 15% and 35% respectively.

Brand: Ford
Client: Southern Quality Ford Dealer FDAF
Agency: St. John & Partners Advertising and Public Relations, Inc.
Language: English


Micrografx launched its crayola software into an extremely cluttered and competitive category. Despite a modest budget, a jarring campaign built around kids' addiction to video games and TV made the Brand #2 in the "edutainment" category.

Brand: Crayola Amazing Art Adventure/Art Studio from Micrografx
Client: Micrografx
Agency: Suissa Miller Advertising
Language: English


Brand: J.C. Penney
Client: J.C. Penny Co.
Agency: Temerlin McClain
Language: English

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