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Stirateli in Pyaterochka

In any market you need to stand out. The more you need to stand out when your nearest competitor says the same and looks the same as you. In retail, everyone turns to the rational side of the person. "Pyaterochka" appealed to the emotions. Together with Marvel, which has millions of fans around the world, we have created "Stirateli" — erasers in the form of Marvel super-heroes. Thus, we have given everyone the opportunity to get a piece of your favorite universe and assemble your super-team.

Brand: Pyaterochka
Client: Pyaterochka
Agency: DADA Agency
Language: English, Russian

LIDL celebrates 10 years

In an extremely competitive retail environment in Slovenia, Lidl used its tenth anniversary to address younger, dynamic families who appreciate quality and choose products that meet their needs. We designed and produced an integrated communication campaign based on the number 10 and the main message "Celebrate with us, live with inspiration." Precisely targeted media and relevant communication, upgraded with innovative creative solutions, have yielded great results in both business and marketing environments and also in communication field.

Brand: Lidl
Client: Lidl Slovenija
Agency: Luna \TBWA
Language: Slovenian

Aider les français à manger un peu mieux tous les jours

Brand: Intermarché
Client: Intermarché
Agency: Romance
Language: French

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