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Wine and Cheez-It

Over the years, Cheez-It shifted its focus from supporting the­ Base business and highlighting its 100% Real Cheese claim to promoting innovation and new products. This strategy drove the overall business, however Base performance suffered.  We needed to get people talking about the Cheez-It brand and return momentum to its 100% Real Cheese claim. And in order to breakthrough, we had to create an idea that was as unexpected and absurdly satisfying as the brand itself.  So, we made the ultimate snack pack for grown-ups: Wine + Cheez-It.

Brand: Cheez-It
Client: The Kellogg Company
Agency: Edelman
Language: English

Fiber One Got a Little Work Done

How do you bring a forgotten brand back to relevance? You turn their product reformulation into a cultural event!  We broke CPG norms and borrowed the codes of plastic surgery to tell our makeover story. With help from our Housewives friends, we dropped a hit song and music video proudly shouting to the world, "Yeah, we got some work done!"

Brand: Fiber One
Client: General Mills
Agency: Joan Creative
Language: English

Leveraging Reese's Indulgence to Drive Category-Busting Growth

Reese’s Not Sorry turned a product truth, the unapologetic deliciousness of our peanut butter and chocolate combo, into an all encompassing brand. We liberated people’s indulgence by inserting Reese’s into everyday moments and cultural milestones. From Candy Converters to Swap Shops, from sniffable banners to Valentine’s stories so perfect you could lick them, we’re not sorry to make you want Reese’s.  This is a story about how leaning into your truth can drive category-busting growth in a next-to-flat category.

Brand: Reese's
Client: Reese's
Agency: Anomaly
Language: English

2020_us_2020_e-4598-805_hero_1 Cheez-It Snap'd Cheese Shortage Concern
2020_us_2020_e-5126-362_hero_1 DOVE® Chocolate Encouraging women to buy their own chocolate
2019_us_2019_e-3955-092_hero_1 Trolli Tiny Hands by Trolli

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