Snacks & Desserts

Ice cream, candy, chips, cookies, bakery items, nut, fruit & vegetable snacks, popcorn, etc.



Chupa Chups - Take fun seriously

Brand: Chupa Chups
Client: Perfetti Van Melle India Pvt. Ltd.
Agency: Ogilvy & Mather Group, India

MoonPie Social Media

First, sales in 2016 increased by 9 percent, after a decade of flat or 1-2% growth each year. Second, more MoonPie products were sold in the two weeks leading up to the 2017 Solar Eclipse than were sold in all of  2016 online. Finally, two days after the Eclipse, the factory had to shut down due to enormous demand for MoonPies — the bakery could not restock the raw materials used to make the products fast enough.

Brand: MoonPie
Client: Chattanooga Bakery
Agency: Tombras

Return of The Real

Brand: Bingo! Potato Chips
Client: ITC Foods Ltd.
Agency: Ogilvy & Mather Group, India

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2017_au_2017_80_hero_1 KFC The Home Cricket Ground (HCG) gets a commentary team
2017_mx_2017_016_hero_1 Carlos V Chicharito misses his Carlos V

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