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MoonPie Social Media

First, sales in 2016 increased by 9 percent, after a decade of flat or 1-2% growth each year. Second, more MoonPie products were sold in the two weeks leading up to the 2017 Solar Eclipse than were sold in all of  2016 online. Finally, two days after the Eclipse, the factory had to shut down due to enormous demand for MoonPies — the bakery could not restock the raw materials used to make the products fast enough.

  • Brand: MoonPie
  • Client: Chattanooga Bakery
  • Agency: Tombras

DOVE: Igniting A New Vision In An Old Category

DOVE Chocolate had always been rooted in female insight. Yet, as women’s notions of femininity and pleasure evolved over the years, DOVE hadn’t evolved with them. The brand found itself with an antiquated image and household penetration that was on the decline. It was critical to re-ignite a modernized vision of the idea at the heart of the brand: that pleasure is a woman’s fundamental right. The campaign achieved unprecedented success, driving a 17% lift in household penetration among this younger target and catapulting into the top-10 of category share. 

  • Brand: DOVE Chocolate
  • Client: Mars, Inc.
  • Agency: BBDO New York

Cheetos Museum

Cheetos was a category leader but was facing pressure and needed to grow, especially its core business, Cheetos Crunchy. Instead ofasking people to snack more, the Cheetos Museum campaign asked people to look at Cheetos Crunchy in a new way, sparking anationwide hunt for the uncanny shapes hiding in any bag. The Museum curated over 100,000 submissions from real people into one massive Cheetos exhibit. It turned cheesy snacks into pieces ofart, created a new reason to buy Cheetos and set sales records along the way.

  • Brand: Cheetos
  • Client: Frito-Lay North America, Inc.
  • Agency: Goodby Silverstein & Partners
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