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Expect More from Tech

As competitors are blurring the lines between B2B and B2C marketing, IBM has struggled to stay relevant. B2B normally gets a bad rap for being functional and soulless. However, ‘Expect More from Tech’ conveyed the positive social impact IBM’s software and technology can have. By challenging the tech industry to take more responsibility for its actions, IBM was able to increase key brand attributes by up to 20% and drive an ROI of 1:19 from leads that were directly driven by people interacting with the campaign.

Brand: IBM
Client: IBM
Agency: Ogilvy
Language: English

Ask the Cloud

We needed Chief Technology Officers to raise their hands for a conversation with a Google Cloud Expert, and we needed to do it in a “Googley” way. What’s more Googley than Google Cloud itself? By leveraging AI, we sent prospects a Google Home device hacked with Google Cloud knowledge so that they could ask the cloud-related questions they’re too afraid to ask anyone else. This product demo inside of a product demo achieved a 16% response rate—almost unheard of in B2B—and 1,853 qualified leads worth a potential $235M.

Brand: Google Cloud
Client: Google Cloud
Agency: MullenLowe U.S.
Language: English

Know What Your Data Knows

IT decision makers didn’t see Google Cloud as an enterprise-ready solution. So through a partnership with the NCAA, we used March Madness to showcase the Cloud’s AI-prowess—creating the ultimate product demonstration, on live TV. The campaign drove a 13% lift in unaided brand awareness, 11% increase in consideration, 91% rise in product interest, 30% new site visits, and 42% more Google Cloud searches, with positive impact on pipeline. We proved to IT decision makers that Google Cloud could solve complex business challenges by turning real-time data into hyper-relevant insights.

Brand: Google Cloud
Client: Google Cloud
Agency: Eleven, Inc.
Language: English

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