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The Brain

In 2017, MailChimp launched marketing automations for small businesses, automating tasks like retargeting ads and order notifications. These tools should be a godsend for time-starved entrepreneurs, but unfortunately, the phrase “automation tools” makes people sleepy. We reframed these tools as superpowers that help small businesses beat big business Goliaths. We called them a second brain, and made a guide to activating different parts of your automation brain, funnelling people to sign up pages. Ultimately, we increased brand association with “automation” by 26% and exceeded paid sign up goals by 27%.

Brand: MailChimp
Client: MailChimp
Agency: Droga5

Owning "Smart" Applied For Business

In a war between old and new tech brands, we needed to drive consideration, relevance, and most importantly, qualified business leads. We aimed to prove that “smart” technology had important and meaningful applications at the enterprise level. The campaign was rapidly embraced by staff, clients, and prospects, driving each of our KPIs amidst an incredibly competitive landscape. These early indicators validated a powerful new brand positioning, which we are excited to continue building for years to come.

Brand: IBM
Client: IBM
Agency: Ogilvy

Did You Mean MailChimp?

MailChimp, a provider of marketing solutions for small creative businesses, set out to prove that the best way to reach your people is to be unapologetically yourself. Rather than create ads, they created nine stand-alone cultural properties that kind of sounded like MailChimp and completely embodied their creative DNA. The magnetic power was undeniable, sparking 988 million earned impressions and 67 million searches all of which led back to MailChimp. We demonstrated that for MailChimp and their likeminded creative audience, staying true to yourself makes all the difference.

Brand: MailChimp
Client: MailChimp
Agency: Droga5

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