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Know What Your Data Knows

IT decision makers didn’t see Google Cloud as an enterprise-ready solution. So through a partnership with the NCAA, we used March Madness to showcase the Cloud’s AI-prowess—creating the ultimate product demonstration, on live TV. The campaign drove a 13% lift in unaided brand awareness, 11% increase in consideration, 91% rise in product interest, 30% new site visits, and 42% more Google Cloud searches, with positive impact on pipeline. We proved to IT decision makers that Google Cloud could solve complex business challenges by turning real-time data into hyper-relevant insights.

Brand: Google Cloud
Client: Google Cloud
Agency: Eleven, Inc.
Language: English

Guardians of Nature

Cloud and AI are critical imperatives for ICT brands, not only to generate growth but to survive in the longer term. However, Huawei struggled to cut through the crowd of existing competitors, like Alibaba or AWS.
We needed to engage with a new generation of technology buyers by adopting a storytelling that would strike a chord with their cultural beliefs. We then created a new narrative for Huawei: Technology for Good.
With no media budget and in less than a month, the campaign generated in China qualified leads, an agreement signed with a new customer and a great campaign ROI.

Client: Huawei
Agency: Ogilvy Shenzhen
Language: Mandarin

Goonj by Telenor Pakistan

Due to company policies, we cannot publish any company data. 

Brand: Goonj by Telenor Pakistan
Client: Telenor Pakistan
Agency: Ogilvy Pakistan
Language: English

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