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Your Mom Hates Dead Space 2

Dead Space 2, a video game in the survival-horror genre, is the sequel to one of the most grotesque video games ever. But this genre is a little too gruesome for mainstream gamers tastes, limiting our ability to break into the more lucrative action games market. With a unique, universal insight that moms hate what gamers love we created a campaign that broke through to the mainstream, reaching a new, broader audience, and significantly exceeded launch expectations.

Brand: Dead Space 2
Client: Electronic Arts, Inc.
Agency: Draftfcb San Francisco

"Let's Build A Smarter Planet"

As IBM reached its Centennial, ensuring strong results was essential, so the task for communications was to Turn Mindshare into Market Share. IBMs Smarter Planet Agenda is a true example of a companys strategic direction in perfect alignment with its marketing, and now that agenda needed to become tangible and actionable: we needed to show The Smarter Planet is Now. Presenting this unified vision across every channel and touchpoint, we step-changed perceptions and drove a 37% increase in revenue, with a campaign that paid back media dollars 10x in profit.

Brand: IBM
Client: IBM Corporation
Agency: Ogilvy & Mather

Waging a Real War Against a Virtual Villain

In a commoditized category with free options readily available, premium-priced giant Norton faced an uphill battle when launching its new line of security software. Norton differentiated itself from competitors by putting a human lens on the technical world of online security. By dimensionalizing the villain, it taught consumers that cybercrime is real crime and empowered them to take action to protect themselves. Norton changed the conversation about online security, and as a result saw better-than-imagined gains in brand perception, awareness, consideration, and purchase.

Brand: Norton from Symantec
Client: Symantec Corporation
Agency: Leo Burnett USA

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