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Southwest was losing its low fare leadership to other airlines with seemingly low fares that nickel-and-dimed customers. We needed to remind travelers that Southwest offers customers the lowest fares and best experiencebut more than that, that we care about them and not the bottom line. So we created a word for our philosophy: Transfarency, which got customers thinking about the total price of their trip and the industrys unfair fees. The philosophy resonated with OTAs like Expedia, revealing fees within their search results and Congress proposing a Fair Fees Act.

  • Brand: Southwest
  • Client: Southwest Airlines
  • Agency: GSD&M

Air on the Side of Humanity

In a category where choice is defined by rational factors, how could we get people to fly JetBlue when it was less convenient, more expensive, and not as competitively differentiated as it had once been? With 8% the industry ad spend, the Air on the Side of Humanity campaign punctured the indifference of marginalized flyers and gave them a reason to fly JetBlue, leading to 8% increases in booking and ticket revenue, outpacing the category and achieved without discounting.

  • Brand: JetBlue Airways
  • Client: JetBlue Airways
  • Agency: MullenLowe U.S.

Nonstop Love

This is a story about greed, corruption and ego in Dallas. Since 1979, Southwest Airlines competitors made out like bandits thanks to the Wright Amendmenta federal law restricting nonstop flights beyond the contiguous states from its home at Dallas Love Field, leaving Dallas flyers only one option to fly nonstop. After 35 years, Southwest finally got the darn thing repealed. With the help of a massive yearlong billboard campaign, Texas Rangers baseball, and even The Beatles, bookings reached historic highs. In short, Dallas fell in Nonstop Love.

  • Brand: Southwest Airlines
  • Client: Southwest Airlines
  • Agency: GSD&M
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