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To reverse share losses caused by the influx of low fare short haul airlines in the west coast, UAL introduced Shuttle by United. Launched via a broad, multi-media campaign by Leo Burnett, this new an 'Airline within an Airline', was based on a paradigm very unlike its parent, from image right through operations. Year one results indicate that the Shuttle initiative has been an overwhelming success, surpassing most goals and turning a profit right out of the gate.

Brand: Shuttle by United
Client: Shuttle by United
Agency: Leo Burnett USA

Express Lanes Introduction Campaign

By all measures, the Georgia DOT Express Lane announcement campaign was a success. We were about to announce this major construction project to commuters in such a way that they understood how massive the project ways and how much it would inconvenience their lives. However, the project was also explained in such a way, through advertising and public relations, that residents, commuters and local organizations remained supportive of the construction project's overall mission: helping Atlanta manage its traffic.

Brand: Express Lanes, Georgia DOT
Client: Georgia Department Of Trasportation
Agency: Siddall, Matus & Coughter, Inc.

Strength in Numbers

Despite the negative force of two 1994 airline crashes and the consequent criticism of the press the USAir campaign "Strength in Numbers" has, in a very short time with a very small but highly targeted media effort, helped bring the airline back from the brink of disaster. Increasingly positive consumer perceptions show that USAir's advertising has helped the airline begin to re-claim the important business traveler segment and increase positive customer perceptions of the brand as a large professional safe airline--one dedicated to meeting the needs of business travelers.

Brand: USAIR
Client: USAIR, Inc.
Agency: McCann-Erickson New York

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