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This Cathay Pacific Launch faced multiple challenges of introducing a near unknown brand with a limited budget, formidable competitors, and very defined/measurable goals, into the toughest, most consumer jaded and experience market in the world. In seven weeks of and intergrated marketing campaign utilizing a 6-letter/1-number visual icon (JFK 2 HKG), Cathay Pacific sent out a fully-booked, 383-seat 747 to Hong Kong on July 1st, with July August pre-booking sales goals obliterated, and research benchmarks for brand and advertising awareness levels shifted up signinfigantly. Even more amazing, was the music to our ears from the lips of every New Yorker over this seven weeks that ..."You guys are everywhere!"

Brand: Cathay Pacific Airways
Client: Cathay Pacific Airways Ltd.
Agency: McCann-Erickson Los Angeles
Language: English

Freedom Campaign Test Market

The agency was challenged to demonstrate that national advertising could help make Amtrak operationally self financing vy the end of the century vy attrackting car and plane users back to the train. The "Freedom" campaign was developed to demonstrate to families and seniors the advatages of train travel over cars and planes repectively for major leisure trips. In an advertising upweight test sales rose by 19% over the control regions, 2.7 to 1 payback for the incremental expenditure.

Brand: Amtrak
Client: Amtrak
Agency: DDB Worldwide
Language: English


To reverse share losses caused by the influx of low fare short haul airlines in the west coast, UAL introduced Shuttle by United. Launched via a broad, multi-media campaign by Leo Burnett, this new an 'Airline within an Airline', was based on a paradigm very unlike its parent, from image right through operations. Year one results indicate that the Shuttle initiative has been an overwhelming success, surpassing most goals and turning a profit right out of the gate.

Brand: Shuttle by United
Client: Shuttle by United
Agency: Leo Burnett USA
Language: English

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