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Trailblazer Agent Program

Elicit response, interest, and staffing for Independent Life positions from individuals of a higher, more aggressive, sales-oriented caliber than previously found--thereby resulting in higher sales productivity and lower customer lapse rates.

Brand: Independent Life
Client: Independent Life & Accident Insurance Company
Agency: WestGroup
Language: English

Heart and Soul

The "Heart and Soul" television advertising struck a highly relevant chord with Small Business Owners and successfully grew American Express Corporate Card's Cardmember base in a highly competitive marketplace. The "Heart and Soul" television advertising was charged with generating an aggressive number of new American Express Corporate Cardmembers at an acceptable cost, supporting other Card acquisition channels, and reinforcing the Card's image to spur applications from high quality prospects and to help retain Cardmembers over time. The advertising exceeded all goal thresholds, helping the Corporate Card grow its Cardmember base and increase its already strong position among the highly valued small business owner audience.

Brand: American Express
Client: American Express Company
Agency: Wunderman Cato Johnson
Language: English

Ocean City: Let Yourself Go

Brand: Ocean City, Maryland
Client: The Town of Ocean City Maryland
Agency: Richardson, Myers & Donofrio, Inc.
Language: English

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