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Pie In The Sky

As New York’s Hometown Airline, JetBlue knows no one does pizza like New York. That’s why we decided to fly an iconic taste of our home—authentic New York pizza—across the country to LA. “Pie in the Sky” was the first ever same-day transcontinental pizza delivery service that gave West Coasters unfamiliar with the brand a real taste of the JetBlue experience, leading to a 22ppt increase in “first choice,” a metric correlated with market share gain, and earning $4.1M worth of media (8x our budget).

Brand: JetBlue
Client: JetBlue Airways
Agency: MullenLowe U.S.
Language: English

The Bright Side Of Brexit

Virgin Atlantic was struggling with the catastrophic impact of Brexit as Brits cut back on travel. We instead targeted Americans and focused on a rare silver lining – that thanks to Brexit, UK vacations have never been cheaper.“The Bright Side of Brexit” brought much needed levity to the Brexit conversation, highlighting adventures made possible by all-time low exchange rates. The Brexit calculator and supporting video increased awareness, action and advocacy for the brand and drove 25% more US traveler traffic.

Brand: Virgin Atlantic Airlines
Client: Virgin Atlantic Airlines
Agency: Figliulo and Partners
Language: English

Little Tickets

How do you convince busy, working parents, spending more time at work and less time on vacation, to book a family trip with JetBlue Vacations? You don’t. You let their kids do it instead. Rather than lay on the guilt, we leveraged their kids’ desire to reward their parents’ hard work by empowering them to plan, book and pay for a family vacation themselves. We captured and released the content online and got through to parents, resulting in increased traffic (+8%), bookings (+13%) and revenue (+18%) for JetBlue Vacations.

Brand: JetBlue Airways
Client: JetBlue Airways
Agency: MullenLowe U.S.
Language: English

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