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Valley Metro NOTES

After cutting bus service by 30%, Valley Metro still grew its year-over-year transit ridership by 5.1%, (three times the 1.7% national average transit growth), by breaking down the educational barriers to riding transit. With just $250,000 total, in the Top-20 Phoenix media market, Valley Metro created a series of animated music videos performed by popular local bands to teach people the how-tos of riding buses and trains. Leveraging each bands existing social network and news appeal, the campaign made a huge impact with minimal paid media.

Brand: Valley Metro
Client: Valley Metro RPTA
Agency: R&R Partners

You Have the Right.

Acela vs. the airlines. Our job? To maintain share. No small task considering flying is faster, often less expensive and offers increasingly similar amenities. What 's more, in 2011, the airlines outspent Acela on marketing by 2,275% (not a typo). But fliers were feeling increasingly marginalized, so we gave them a message of empowerment. Our Rights campaign ran in media spaces in and around airports. Awareness climbed 12% and Acela actually stole ridership at double our goal as well as bringing in revenue at 1.5 times our goal.

Brand: Amtrak
Client: Amtrak
Agency: Arnold Worldwide

Grab Your Bag. It's On/Bags Fly Free

In 2009 airlines began charging additional fees, most noticeably, bags. Southwest Airlines had a difficult decision to make - to charge or not. Walking away from an estimated $500M in annual revenue, SWA stayed true to its core purpose of giving people the freedom to fly, defied the industry and decided against bag fees. The campaign that followed not only announced this decision, but put competitors on notice for mistreating passengers and in the process galvanized SWA employees. The effort resulted in a market share increase, equaling $800M of incremental revenue.

Brand: Southwest Airlines
Client: Southwest Airlines Company
Agency: GSD&M

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