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Visit Mum

Visit Mum is the story of how one mother and her son captured the hearts of everyone living away from home. For British Airways, its a story of defying conventions in a category wrought with clichs and overly rational, price and product driven messaging by placing emotional, nostalgia-inducing content at the center of a retail campaign. Visit Mum not only reversed BAs fortunes on one of its most important routes, but set a precedent that would change the way BA approached retail marketing for years to come.

Brand: British Airways
Client: British Airways
Agency: Ogilvy & Mather
Language: English

Election Protection

JetBlues inspiring humanity commitment has become its North Star both on and off the ground. Demonstrating humanity during the divisive 2012 presidential election, JetBlue provided its customers Election Protection a proposition that called peoples bluff on the popular joke: If [my candidate] doesnt win, Im leaving the country. At a time when nearly half the country risked losing big, we gave them an escape route and a reason to smile. Our efforts seized a cultural moment in a uniquely JetBlue way, driving buzz while increasing brand favorability and preference.

Brand: JetBlue Airways
Client: JetBlue Airways
Agency: Mullen
Language: English

Valley Metro NOTES

After cutting bus service by 30%, Valley Metro still grew its year-over-year transit ridership by 5.1%, (three times the 1.7% national average transit growth), by breaking down the educational barriers to riding transit. With just $250,000 total, in the Top-20 Phoenix media market, Valley Metro created a series of animated music videos performed by popular local bands to teach people the how-tos of riding buses and trains. Leveraging each bands existing social network and news appeal, the campaign made a huge impact with minimal paid media.

Brand: Valley Metro
Client: Valley Metro RPTA
Agency: R&R Partners
Language: English

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