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Welcome Bigwigs

Early 2009: as the economy plunged, greedy bankers and business chiefs monopolized the news with their fiscal irresponsibility. One particular executive perk became a symbol of excess: the private jet. When corporate America was forced to wean itself off the perks of private jets and First Class travel, America cheered. In this challenging environment, many advertisers were stepping back or proceeding with caution, but as the airline brand known for being 'of the people, for the people and by the people', we knew this was JetBlue's moment to soar.

Brand: JetBlue Airways
Client: JetBlue Airways
Agency: JWT

Travel Options by United

Our challenge was to launch a new program of premium products for United Airlines, while making it abundantly clear that these products were designed to give travelers more control and options, not heap more fees on them. We named the program Travel Options by United, and positioned it as an a la carte menu of options that would, for the first time, allow travelers to customize their travel experience. The campaign generated existing product growth, new product growth and helped increase overall ancillary revenue for the airline.

Brand: United
Client: United Airlines Corporation
Agency: Barrie D'Rozario Murphy

The Slog

The three-hour drive between Seattle and Portland is awful. As bad as it is, most people would still rather drive than fly. To convince business travelers to give the Horizon Shuttle a shot, the drive was branded "The Slog," a near-forgotten chapter in transportation lore billed as the longest three-hour drive in American history. Over the five-month campaign, 84,338 more passengers flew the shuttle compared to the previous year. The $300,000 campaign generated almost $8.5 million in incremental revenue during the campaign period.

Brand: Horizon Air Seattle to Portland Shuttle
Client: Horizon Air

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