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Ask Guðmundur

The power of a content-led approach and seven Icelandic Guðmundurs.  With a budget of only $2.1m, Iceland created a radically new type of tourism campaign using Responsive Content rather than traditional communications to rapidly change the attitudes and behaviours of tourists, adding $44.7m to the economy with a ROI of 21.3:1. "Iceland invites you to send your questions to #AskGudmundur. I gather that Iceland has a lot of folks called Guðmundur and they'll answer." President Barack Obama

  • Brand: Inspired By Iceland
  • Client: Promote Iceland
  • Agency: The Brooklyn Brothers

"Don't Go There, Live There"

Seemingly capped out with the cool kids and faced with declining awareness growth, Airbnb had to reach beyond its millennial core to a broader audience. This one was accustomed to the amenities and security of traditional hotels, skeptical of Airbnb. By directly challenging how they were traveling, Dont Go There. Live There became the most successful campaign in Airbnbs history. Awareness lifted at 2x its goal, along with the most significant 6-month increase in consideration in Airbnb's history. It's how Airbnb scaled its business without losing its soul.

  • Brand: Airbnb
  • Client: Airbnb Inc.
  • Agency: TBWA\Chiat\Day Los Angeles

Visit Idaho 18 Summers

Idaho Tourism has the smallest marketing budget among all U.S. western state tourism offices. To entice travelers to choose Idaho for a summer vacation we targeted parents and reminded them that they only get 18 summers to make vacation memories with their kids, while theyre still kids. The result: Idaho Tourism revenue collections increased to be five times the desired goal.

  • Brand: Idaho Tourism
  • Client: Idaho Tourism
  • Agency: Drake Cooper
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