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Looks Like You Need to Let It Out

When the world went into collective lockdown, people were stuck with no escape from pent-up frustrations. The last thing anyone needed was a tourism campaign. So with their economy at stake, Iceland gave weary tourists something they did need— a place to take those emotions and let them out as cathartic primal screams, in Iceland’s own vast natural landscapes. By meeting people where they were emotionally we recaptured hearts and minds, leading to dramatic increases in consideration and intent by market, making Iceland people’s #1 desired destination.

Brand: Business Iceland
Client: Business Iceland
Agency: SS+K
Language: English

Good Morning World

By 2018 International visitation to New Zealand had stalled. Stuck literally at the end of the earth, with our brand platform 100% Pure now 20 years old, our advertising widely emulated and a 0.3% category share of voice with which to effect change, we needed to do something bold. This is the story of how saying “Good Morning World” every day for a year helped restore NZ to growth. Across TNZ’s key markets our campaign grew brand affinity, destination consideration, international visitation and delivered an ROI of $9.16:1.

Brand: Tourism New Zealand
Client: Tourism New Zealand
Agency: Special Group New Zealand
Language: English

Go Back To Africa

While the racial slur “Go Back to Africa” suggests to our target market, African Americans, that they are unwelcome in their own country, it also perpetuates a narrative that Africa is an undesirable destination. This campaign helped African Americans reclaim the phrase. It effectively took power away from those who spread hate, turning their negative slurs into messages of positivity. By illustrating a more racially representative depiction of travel to Africa, it also aided in shifting African American perceptions of (and travel intent to) the continent.

Brand: Black & Abroad
Client: Black & Abroad
Agency: FCB/SIX
Language: English

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