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Expect Better. Expect Hilton.

This campaign delivered a greater share of bookings direct with Hilton, instead of indirectly via online travel agents (OTAs). We re-established Hilton’s direct relationship with millions of guests, driving significant revenue growth across the portfolio of brands with a simple message, "You should ‘Expect Better’ from hospitality, and with Hilton you can." Across this campaign and beyond, “Expect Better. Expect Hilton.” has become Hilton’s repeated mantra to make booking with Hilton synonymous with raised expectations for a better and more hospitable experience.

Brand: Hilton
Client: Hilton Hotels & Resorts
Agency: TBWA\Chiat\Day NY
Language: English

As far as we go

In a world of “us” vs. “them”, even during Ramadan, Muslims celebrate Ramadan. The world doesn’t. 
Almosafer, a travel platform from Saudi Arabia, reignited the lost magic of Ramadan in the region, by seeing it through a little child’s story, and took that spirit to the world, encouraging people to travel meaningfully.
It defied the Ramadan marketing clichés, taking Ramadan to places that didn’t celebrate Ramadan.
It defined the category clichés, building emotional meaning in a category of rational persuasion.
And with low budgets, it overtook and beat leading competitors.

Brand: Almosafer
Client: Almosafer
Agency: FP7 McCann Dubai
Language: English

Lada Granta

LADAs are rarely 'the car of dreams' – they’re not chosen from the heart nor with love. They’re chosen rationally with cold calculation. In the launch campaign for updated LADA Granta models, we stopped playing the ‘options battle’ and talking about ourselves. We turned the conversation 180 dergrees, focusing on our consumer. The campaign has three short films about three people keeping a promise in difficult situations. This was only possible thanks to the support of the dependable LADA Granta. We struck consumers hearts - significantly increasing the attractiveness of Granta models and improving the image of the entire LADA brand.

Brand: LADA Granta
Agency: FUEL
Language: English, Russian

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