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A Million Miles from Monday...In Illinois

Faced with minimal tourism product and surrounded by competitively superior states, the Illinois Bureau of Tourism has risen to the challenge and positioned itself not as a product-heavy desination, but one that offers a higher order benefit--reconnecting with loved ones and escaping for a gataway weekend a Million miles from Monday. The campaign has exceeded all expectations and prior benchmarks--making tourism the fastest growing industry in Illinios and generationg a staggering 264% increase in peak-season calls, exceeding the 20% goals 13 times.

Brand: Illinois Bureau of Tourism (IBOT)
Client: Illinois Bureau of Tourism
Agency: FCB Chicago
Language: English

Make The Dream Come True

The "Make The Dream Come True" campaign was instrumental in dramatically reversing a significant four year attendance decline a Walt Disney World. Based on insights gained from a major consumer segmentation study, the intergrated campaign directly addressed each target's key issue reguarding a WDW vacation. "Make The Dream Come Tur" helped Walt Disney World have its most successful year ever!!

Brand: Walt Diseny World
Client: Walt Disney Parks & Resorts
Agency: Leo Burnett USA
Language: English

Space Shot Introduction

The U.S. Space & Rocket Center bult a new thrill ride in the Spring of 1996 in an effort to reverse sagging attendance. Austin Kelley Advertising was charged with the assignment to develop an advetising campaign introducing the to teens and young adults in the trading area. Our objectives were to increase attendance by creating excitement about the new attraction at U.S Space & Rocket Center by focusing on the thrilling sensations of the ride. A second objective was to changed perception of the USSRC from a museum type image to a more contemporay, fun destination.

Brand: U.S. Space & Rocket Center
Client: United States Space & Rocket Center
Agency: Austin Kelley Advertising
Language: English

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