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Wonderful Things are Happening

The primary objective of the ad campaign for the San Francisco Zoo was to prevent attendance from further decline. Young & Rubicam/SF created a campaign to change perceptions from dull and depressing to bright, fun and educational. Given the rapid decline in attendance over the last six years, the success of this campaign greatly exceeded expectations, with attendance surging to a 15% increase (to date) over last year.

Brand: The San Francisco Zoo
Client: The San Francisco Zoo
Agency: Y&R San Francisco
Language: English

Mott's and Mott's

Brand: Mott's
Client: Mott's USA
Agency: JWT
Language: English

Financial Centers

Brand: NationsBank
Client: NationsBank Corporation
Agency: Temerlin McClain
Language: English

2020_us_2020_e-5052-897_hero_1 Four Seasons Take Your Time
2019_co_2019_e-29-353_hero_1 LA MÁQUINA DEL TIEMPO Máquina Del Tiempo
2019_hk_2019_e-129-987_hero_1 Tourism HKTB Sham Shui Po

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