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Discover Ipswich Destination Marketing

Ipswich City Council’s Economic Development Department embarked on a transformational three year program for the region’s tourism economy, starting with a new marketing team tasked with an ambitious agenda of significantly increasing the domestic overnight visitor market. With a bold Destination Marketing Plan as their roadmap, the last two years has seen the implementation of key strategic initiatives to cast aside old perceptions, reinvent with a fresh brand and narrative, communicate the message through a raft of mediums and allow Ipswich to lay claim to its rightful share of the Southeast Queensland tourism market.

Brand: Ipswich
Client: Ipswich City Council
Agency: No Agency
Language: English

Wake Up Fresh in Europe

Cathay Pacific is continually expanding its global footprint. In 2018, this expansion took the brand to 3 new destinations in Europe; however, airlines, like Emirates, offered over double the destinations to Europe, with in-direct flights at a fraction of the price. To overcome these challenges, we needed to prove our price premium by meaningfully connecting with Hong Kongers travellers, the way they travel. “Wake Up Fresh” turned Cathay’s direct flights into more than a competitive advantage, but a consumer benefit, demonstrating that flying direct was the only way to arrive refreshed…helping to refresh the brand, and sales.

Brand: Cathay Pacific
Client: Cathay Pacific Airways Limited
Agency: McCann Worldgroup Hong Kong
Language: Mandarin

In a land far far away

By 2017 the image of Mitsubishi Outlander has formed as reliable, but outdated. Sales fell. When the new Outlander emerged, we had to make it noticed and loved again For our audience the most important - relationships with family and the willingness to feat for them. For such feats, we offered a reliable and intelligent partner. Mitsubishi Outlander with him in a land far away! Our advertising has become the most recognizable among all car commercials on Russian TV. Sales growth twice exceeded the boldest expectations! And 2 times ahead of the average performance of competitors at the market.

Brand: Mitsubishi Outlander
Agency: Contrapunto
Language: English, Russian

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