Commerce & Shopper: Multi-Brand Shopper Solution

This award will celebrate multi-brand/product/manufacturer solutions that came together to address exactly what their target shopper needed.  



Effortless Meals by Coke and Walmart

The economy was still recovering and shopper budgets were tight. Competition was fierce. Coke was losing sales at Walmart and needed a game changer to reverse the trend and get Coke back in shopper's baskets. We looked at the busy Walmart mom and sought to create a series of meaningful occasions to bring her back to Walmart. Effortless Meals at Walmart combined Coke with prepared foods from the Walmart deli - transforming the deli into a new quick meal destination for busy moms to stop in, grab a meal and go.

Brand: Coca-Cola
Client: Coca-Cola
Agency: FCB/RED
Language: English

Power Their Potential Back-to-School Program

Getting her kids' morning nutrition right during back to school is extremely important to Mom. Quaker set out to deliver the Power Their Potential program to give moms the solution they needed for a better morning while also helping to inspire kids to be their best. Our objectives were to grow sales by 5% vs. the prior year, outperform the competition, and reverse continuous share decline. We reached these goals by delivering +6.9% sales growth, achieving positive dollar sales where competition lagged, and restoring positive share growth.

Brand: Quaker Oats
Client: Quaker Oats
Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi X
Language: English

The Best in Beauty 2011

We faced two challenges for the 2011 P&G Beauty Scale event. First - convince "Want-It-All" shoppers that P&G's beauty brands were equal to department store brands. Second - get retailers excited about the program. We partnered with Allure and their "Best of Beauty" awards to spotlight winning P&G products and created a strong claim, "Best of the Decade," highlighting the 4 most awarded brands of the decade. Retailers got on board thanks to a robust marketing campaign: TV, print, digital, mobile tour and premium in-store displays.

Brand: P&G Beauty Scale (Olay, Pantene, Clairol, Venus, Secret, CoverGirl, Fekkai)
Client: Procter & Gamble
Agency: Leo Burnett/Arc Worldwide
Language: English

2017_sme_2017_e-55-909_hero_1 Procter & Gamble Scale, Sam's Club Sam's Club P&G Full Home Happy Home 16/17
2014_7913_hero_1 Gain Driving Gain MegaBrand at Walmart
2014_8729_hero_1 Safeway The Safeway Discover What's New Program

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