Commerce & Shopper: Multi-Brand Shopper Solution

This award will celebrate multi-brand/product/manufacturer solutions that came together to address exactly what their target shopper needed.  



Walmart and P&G Family Movie Night

When families were struggling to find content on TV the whole family could watch together, Walmart and P&G used their size and scale for good and developed reoccurring, free, family-friendly TV-movies and branded these events as "Family Movie Night." They created an integrated marketing campaign that not only connected moms with the brand equities of these companies, but also drove incremental trips to Walmart and sales of the brands that supported Family Movie Night.

Brand: Walmart
Client: Walmart
Agency: The Martin Agency
Language: English

2017_sme_2017_e-55-909_hero_1 Procter & Gamble Scale, Sam's Club Sam's Club P&G Full Home Happy Home 16/17
2014_7913_hero_1 Gain Driving Gain MegaBrand at Walmart
2014_8729_hero_1 Safeway The Safeway Discover What's New Program

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