Effie Worldwide

Multi-Retailer Program

For campaigns that ran with a central idea and executed that idea via dedicated rollouts to three or more different retail chains.




OREO Cookie Balls

During the Holidays, shoppers look for easy recipes that deliver the holiday wow factor and help them avoid the recipe fail. So we created OREO Cookie Ball recipes the reindeer, penguin, cute melting snowmen and a Target-exclusive gingerbread house requiring three ingredients and a no-bake solution that will impress everyone. By focusing on three retailers, Target, Publix and Meijer, we drove incremental sales of OREO Cookies, grew the entire cookie category and even got OREO Cookie balls trending on Google.

  • Brand: OREO Cookies
  • Client: Mondelez International
  • Agency: Geometry Global

#Say It With Pepsi

With young cola drinkers looking at the category in a whole new way, we helped differentiate Pepsi at shelf with #SayItWithPepsi - their biggest campaign in a decade. We designed over 200 custom emojis, placed them on millions of Pepsi bottles and got the word out with a "kitchen sink" campaign that turned every touchpoint into an opportunity for self-expression. By the end of the Summer, we had crushed every objective and had everyone talking.

  • Brand: Pepsi
  • Client: PepsiCo
  • Agency: TracyLocke

Play with OREO

OREO Cookie sales were losing momentum after its 100th birthday celebration, and in fact, the entire cookie category was slowing down. With a program called Play with OREO, we got shoppers to do more than just twist, lick and dunk OREO Cookies. Custom retailer programs included exclusive recipes that showed shoppers how much fun OREO Cookies could be. As a result of this program, shoppers picked up more OREO Cookies, used them in creative ways, shared recipe ideas with their social networks and lifted sales of the entire cookie category.

  • Brand: OREO
  • Client: Mondelez International
  • Agency: Geometry Global
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