Commerce & Shopper: Multi-Retailer Program

For campaigns that ran with a central idea and executed that idea via dedicated rollouts to three or more different retail chains.



Tyson Halloween Boo Guru

While Halloween is dominated by sales of snacks and candy, October is also when Tyson products experience a lull between the heights of the back-to-school and holiday periods. Inspired by Halloween’s culture of imagination, our program had shoppers turning Tyson products into delicious, yet easy, expressions of creativity, while delivering custom solutions for our major retailer partners. Our program drove shoppers to the frozen and refrigerated protein categories and had them buying, using, and loving our Tyson products during a time of year overshadowed by higher profile categories.

Brand: Tyson Foods
Client: Tyson Foods, Inc.
Agency: IN Connected Marketing
Language: English

Pop-Tarts Destiny 2 Promotion

Pop-Tarts drove reappraisal with the teen and young adult markets by partnering with Activision to turn each pastry into a delicious power-up that helped gamers advance in the year’s biggest game, Destiny 2. An uncapped, one-for-one offer and robust digital campaign had gamers driving a +12.2% increase in sales vs. YAG and a +61.2% incremental dollar percent change vs YAG. Positive sales plus a landslide of earned media from teen and young adult gamers proved this to be Kellogg’s most daring and buzz-worthy multi-retailer campaign of 2017.

Brand: Pop-Tarts
Client: The Kellogg Company
Agency: The Integer Group
Language: English

because I can.

Diet Coke defied the odds stacked against them. The overall diet soda segment of the beverage category was on a steady decline and while the brand was loved by millions of loyalists, it lacked resonance with millennial refreshment seekers. Yet, The Coca-Cola Company believed in the brand’s potential. With a complete brand recast, Diet Coke succeeded in garnering support across thousands of retailers nationwide, surpassed 2018 forecasts and is credited as a key contributor to Coca-Cola’s 2018 first-quarter business results, which reported growth for the first time in 8 years.

Brand: Diet Coke
Client: The Coca-Cola Company
Agency: Geometry (New York)
Language: English

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