Commerce & Shopper: Single-Retailer Program- Mass Merchants

For campaigns that ran with a tailored, retailer-specific idea and excecuted that idea at a single retail mass merchant chain.



The Art of Shopper Marketing: Purex's Shock and Awe at Walmart

In January 2011, we launched Purex Complete Crystals Softener at Walmart. The natural crystal-based fabric softener provided long lasting freshness, but it carried the highest price tag in the category. Through an integrated educational offensive, we drove awareness and trial for Purex Crystals among Walmart's price sensitive shoppers. From home to store to shelf, our campaign reached consumers along their entire path to purchase. The initiative disrupted auto-pilot shopping and generated new consumption dollars, which drove category growth for Walmart and sales for Purex.

Brand: Purex
Client: HENKEL
Agency: Zooka Creative
Language: English

"Every Day is Different" Regimen-Driving Platform

During her period, the college female shopper didn't understand that her tampon and pad leaks were most often caused by not varying her products' absorbency as her flow varied. We set out to change that. Our objectives were to grow sales by at least 1 point for Tampax and Always at Walmart and to reverse the share loss trend of both brands. We achieved these goals during the 8-week event (sales growth- 1.1 points and +2% upward sales trend) all by showing the shopper that Every Day Is Different.

Brand: Always and Tampax
Client: Procter & Gamble
Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi X
Language: English

Swiffer Project Jack Co-Marketing Campaign

Swiffer invented the "quick clean" category ten years ago. But last year, we reinvented how Swiffer is sold. "Project Jack" took Swiffer "out of the box" and displayed it fully assembled in the cleaning aisle. Those who never considered Swiffer before were now able to see and feel the quality, innovation and cleaning power of Swiffer. A customized national launch at Walmart - including shopper insights-based out-of-store and in-store tactics - produced results that far surpassed brand goals as well as out-performed all other launches at competing retailers.

Brand: Swiffer
Client: Procter & Gamble
Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi X
Language: English

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