Commerce & Shopper: Single-Retailer Program- Mass Merchants

For campaigns that ran with a tailored, retailer-specific idea and excecuted that idea at a single retail mass merchant chain.



Fight Hunger. Spark Change.

In 2015, Walmart launched its Fight Hunger. Spark Change. initiative to create a more customer-centric hunger donation program. This new approach created a genuine 3-way partnership between the retailer, its brand partners and its customers to make a huge local impact on the fight against hunger. This highly collaborative, socially supported omnichannel initiative made it so easy for Walmarts Millennial target to participate that it blew past its initial goals, securing 78.8M meals and resulting in Feeding Americas largest campaign to date.

Brand: Walmart
Client: Walmart
Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi
Language: English

Coca-Cola Share It Forward

In the summer of 2014, two of the worlds most inclusive brands, Walmart and Coca-Cola, teamed up to inspire shoppers to share over a million icy cold Cokes to get the happiness started and then Share it Forward, thus connecting retailer, shopper and brand for something powerful. The Walmart Exclusive Share it Forward Event succeeded with an unprecedented commitment to execution excellence. The millennial targeted, socially supported plan surpassed expectations, resulting in distributing 1.2MM icy-cold coke and drive double digit lifts on 20oz months following.

Brand: Coca-Cola
Client: Coca-Cola
Agency: Shopper Events
Language: English


Our shopper wants a place where she can explore, be inspired, and find products from a brand that reflect who she is. One of the key competitive advantages for the COVERGIRL comes from the COVERGIRLs themselves who each have a real story, unique personalities, and a different look. We used online ads, social media, newspaper inserts and bold in-store displays to connect with shoppers and inspire them to Rock their COVERGIRL at Walmarts Everyday Low Prices, growing Walmarts share of COVERGIRL to the highest level in 24 months.

Client: Procter & Gamble
Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi X
Language: English

2020_cse_2020_e-5075-769_hero_1 TRISCUIT Crackers TRISCUIT Wheat Story
2020_cse_2020_e-4815-542_hero_1 MillerCoors Pints and Plates Pizza Pairings at Walmart
2020_cse_2020_e-5254-756_hero_1 Kraft Heinz, General Mills and PepsiCo Publix’s “Recipe for Happiness”

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