Entrants must detail the business challenge, the situation of the brand, the competitive landscape and how the effort succeeded.



IKEA. The Life Improvement Store.

IKEA needed to increase sales by getting current shoppers into the store to buy bigger ticket items. The Life Improvement Store creative concept assisted women in their nesting phase and showed them how IKEA could indeed help them make their house a home. It grew sales and ticket size by opening their eyes to whole rooms.

Brand: IKEA
Client: IKEA
Agency: Ogilvy & Mather
Language: English

Your Other Address

PO Boxes experienced declining revenue for 3 consecutive years-34% were vacant. It was time to re-launch a 200-year-old brand. "Your Other Address" established the PO Box as your privacy getaway and helped to elevate it from a grudge purchase to aspirational. It launched in four key markets and 1,100 Post Offices for a 20-week period. Each element along our activation path reframed the consumers perception in a disruptive manner. The downward trend was reversed, test markets outperformed control markets for 16 straight weeks. Welcome to Your Other Address.

Brand: US Postal Service
Client: United States Postal Service
Agency: Draftfcb
Language: English

2014_8404_hero_1 Kmart Ship My Pants
2014_8683_hero_1 Cabela's It's In Your Nature

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