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Brand Experience: Combination (Live, Virtual/360)

This category showcases how a brand experience beyond traditional advertising can be created. Work that brings a brand or product to life and interacts with a specific target through live and virtual/360 experiences should be entered.




Van Gogh BnB

The "Van Gogh's Bedrooms" exhibition generated the highest attendance at the museum in 15 years. "Van Gogh BnB" delivered a first-of-its kind brand experience -- building a replica of the artists 1888 "Bedroom" painting, and through Airbnb, inviting people to book a night inside. "Van Gogh BnB" generated over $8.6MM in earned media, amplifying paid media reach by 5,224% -- scaling it globally. A record 4,872 patrons visited the museum daily in the first six weeks -- beating daily goals of 2,930 by 66%.Most importantly, local Chicago museum attendance was up 161% vs. YA (2015). 

  • Brand: Art Institute of Chicago
  • Client: Art Institute of Chicago
  • Agency: Leo Burnett/Arc

Chevrolet Spark Launch

How do you sell to people who are completely uninterested in your category? Selling cars to young people used to be easy. But today urban millennials don't seem to care much about cars. What they do love is the access they get from technology: access to friends, entertainment, everything. So we proved to them that Spark wasn't a car it was actually the ultimate mobile device. We sold our impossible first-year target of 3000 cars in just six months. And we transformed Canada's small car category.

  • Brand: Chevrolet
  • Client: Chevrolet Canada
  • Agency: McCann Canada


Guys around the country have long aspired to Be Like Mike. This year, Foot Locker, Americas #1 retailer of athletic sneakers and apparel, gave guys an experience unlike any theyd ever experienced before: to not just be like a famous professional athlete, but to play with him. Live, on the Internet, in a game of HORSE a popular game played in driveways and on basketball courts around the country. All theyd have to do was submit a video of themselves making a tough shot, and NBA All-Star James Harden would need to match it.

  • Brand: Foot Locker
  • Client: Foot Locker Inc
  • Agency: BBDO New York
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