Computer Hardware

Computers / PDAs for business/personal purposes and computer peripherals for business/personal purposes (scanners, modems, printers, monitors, etc.).



Ink Monsters

Lexmark transformed from being a mid-level player in the consumer market to achieving the #2 position in the higher-usage small business segment through insight, innovation and focus on what really mattered in their lives and bringing it to life in a disruptive and resonate way.

Brand: Lexmark
Client: Lexmark
Agency: Doner
Language: English

Print and Prosper

Determined to find a way to break the competition's control of the all-in-one (AiO) inkjet printer category, and successfully move the company into other businesses beyond "imaging", Kodak created a broad marketing and sales effort aimed at dramatizing its value proposition against the resourceful, experienced, and powerful "Big Printer Companies." Under the mantle of Print and Prosper, Kodak was able to double both awareness and consideration, and set a pace to hit aggressive sales goals by year's end, all in just a few short months.

Brand: Kodak
Client: Kodak
Agency: Deutsch, Inc.
Language: English

The Realm

Without 'new news' or product releases, Cisco wanted to reignite the conversation around their suite of security systems with IT Managers. So we asked a question: What if the best security solutions in the world were more than just products? The answer: The Realm - an animated graphic novel depicting a world where Cisco security and digital threats come alive. From the first Botnet attack to the final virus showdown, defenders fight to protect the citizens of The Realm, using their security powers to defeat a threat conspiracy of epic proportions.

Brand: Cisco
Client: Cisco Systems
Agency: Ogilvy & Mather
Language: English


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