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The first-movers in cloud computing were still the category leaders and outspending IBM 7-to-1.  But we noticed an audience need others had not.  Businesses had outgrown the cost-cutting cloud.  We transformed the category cliche of the cost-cutting data warehouse into a new depiction of the cloud: a workshop where businesses turn data into value, into new insights, products and services.  Audience "interest in doing business with IBM" rose +16 percentage points, and IBM's Cloud-as-a-Service revenue growth accelerated from an average of 7% to 24%.

  • Brand: IBM
  • Client: IBM
  • Agency: Ogilvy & Mather

Emily's Oz

Everyone loves entertainment. But the challenge for people with visual disabilities is how to independently navigate TV show and movie choices. To do that, Comcast introduced the categorys first comprehensive Talking Guide. The Emilys Oz launch campaign helped everyone understand just how rich, rewarding and unique entertainment is from the perspective of someone who cannot see. Emily and her idea of Oz gave high visibility to a niche product, broke records for content engagement, lifted consideration for a criticized brand and drove use of the Talking Guide to new heights.

  • Brand: Comcast/XFINITY
  • Client: Comcast/XFINITY
  • Agency: Goodby Silverstein & Partners

Lowe Versus Lowe

Faced with the entrenched competition and against increasing odds, DIRECTV needed an angle. The Lowe Versus Lowe campaign took on Cables shortcomings by illustrating clear comparisons of the superior benefits DIRECTV offers over Cable television. The goal of the campaign was to convince people of DIRECTVs superiority and to call the 1-800 number to switch. Over the two quarters the campaign ran, new subscribers +50% YOY, of which 80% switched from Cable, revenue +5.4% ($734MM) and churn -4.2% (i.e. more people stayed with DIRECTV than churned out to the competition).

  • Brand: DIRECTV
  • Client: DIRECTV
  • Agency: Grey New York
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