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Midiendo Los Datos En Horas Y Días

Esta es la historia de cómo Prepago Claro logró simplificar las recargas de datos y hacerlas más habituales en sus clientes, lanzando el nuevo servicio “apps a tu medida”. Un producto que, en tan sólo 3 meses, logró que más de 700mil colombianos empezaran a usar internet prepago con la compañía.

Brand: Midiendo los datos en horas y días
Client: Claro Colombia
Agency: DDB Colombia

Conquest of Moscow

Tele2 was the last of “Big 4” to launch on Moscow market - strategically important region bringing 40% of annual revenue.However, the market is oversaturated, and the fight for subscribers is especially tough.Due to brand-platform “Honestly cheaper” Tele2 quickly reached low-profit audience. To reach high-profit subscribers the brand had to remove theirkey barriers – negative perception of mobile network quality and low brand relevance. Moscow audience does not believe the words and promises, but tend to rely on their own experience. Tele2 decided to assure Muscovites by deeds not words.

Brand: Tele2
Client: T2 Mobile LLC
Agency: McCann Moscow

YOTA ad in the entry for Effie

How can a small mobile carrier increase subscriber base if the entire audience has been already divided between four giant competitors with vastly superior media resources? YOTA decided to make a bold move - to redefine traditional approach to advertising instead of trying to dress up their product. In absurdly straightforward deadpan campaign, the brand hasn’t said anything to the consumer except the only important thing: what they see is a YOTA ad. The effect was overwhelming: highest sales record of the last 1.5 years, highest-ever rate of spontaneous brand awareness, discussion on the internet, and unprecedented amount of UGC.

Brand: YOTA
Client: Skartel LLC
Agency: Friends Moscow

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