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Tunisia is a welfare state that guarantees coverage for everyone, except the most vulnerable: Female farmers. These women cannot travel to enroll or keep-up with payments. Consecutive governments couldn't reach them for decades but national operator TT believed technology could.
94% farmers have phones and are TT clients. So the operator brought coverage to their phones through "Ahmini": A solution to register with a code and to pay with 1dt credit withdrawals.
After 6 weeks, the number of registered women grew by 18% giving thousands security for life.

Brand: Tunisie Telecom
Client: Tunisie Telecom
Agency: J. Walter Thompson Tunis

The Ramadan campaign that didn’t launch in Ramadan

Brand: Jawwy
Client: Jawwy STC
Agency: FP7 McCann Riyadh


Lebanon is a market with limited spending and some of the most expensive internet globally.
With a government-imposed price that’s more expensive than their already expensive competition, Alfa struggled to sell their MBB service.
As we couldn’t compete, we found a different positioning to our product.
Based on the insight that the Lebanese always find a backup for infrastructural-problems, we introduced Alfanet as a Plan B to regular Wi-Fi.
Accordingly, 1year stock sold out in 5weeks and people stopped comparing Alfanet to competition and started seeing it as a PlanB.

Brand: Alfa Tececommunication
Client: Alfa Telecommunications
Agency: Leo Burnett Beirut

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