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Mobile network providers, high speed Internet access services, online services, bundled communications (internet, telephone, and TV), etc.



Modo No Mundial

Brand: Movistar
Client: Movistar
Agency: VLMY&R

Free vs. Quality - India's most beloved couple Asha-Bala settle the debate.

Brand: Vodafone India
Client: Vodafone India Limited
Agency: Ogilvy & Mather Group, India

If It Were Your Pain, Would You Share It? #PostWisely

Liking and sharing graphic content online has drastically increased over the last few years, with people prioritizing entertainment over empathy for victims. As a telecom provider, du wanted to enlighten the society it serves about the consequences of their actions and in turn encourage them to use social media more responsibly. With #PostWisely, we sparked an online movement organically championed by the people. As a result, du became more than just an internet provider, but a community leader.

Brand: du
Client: du Telecommunication
Agency: Leo Burnett

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