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Working with Monkeys is the largest job Web site in the U.S. with more job seekers and job postings than Monster and Yahoo! HotJobs. But the brand trailed in the critical race for unaided awareness, which was slowing growth in job postings (revenue) and jobseeker traffic to This campaign was designed to rapidly improve unaided brand awareness by dramatizing one of the key reasons people leave jobs: too much incompetence in the workplace. The campaign far exceeded all expectations with unaided brand awareness growing more than 35%, job postings doubling and site traffic increasing more than 30%.

Client: CareerBuilder
Agency: Cramer-Krasselt
Language: English

Raising the Bar

A moment in time - the merger of No. 2 wireless brand Cingular with No. 3 AT&T Wireless to create a new No. 1 - was leveraged to (1) jumpshift perceptions in order to neutralize the key competitor's perceived advantage in network quality; (2) reinforce loyalty among the combined customer base; and (3) create momentum by attracting new customers. All communications objectives were blown away within the first three quarters of the relaunch. A once great but dying brand was successfully merged with a vibrant challenger brand to create the new brand leader.

Brand: Cingular
Client: Cingular Wireless
Agency: BBDO North America
Language: English

Join The Revolution

To compete against the giants, tiny local wireless company Northcoast of Cleveland incited a "revolution" as it re-launched its failing wireless service under the new brand Revol. The youth-oriented campaign encourages people to "Join the Revolution" against the wireless establishment and features a wide array of unorthodox tactics - including creating two spots for a fictitious company, MegaWireless, that contained no mention of Revol. The primary goal was to increase gross activations in the first 60 days to prove the model worked and pave the way for additional funding. A dramatic increase secured the funding needed to launch five new markets.

Brand: Revol
Client: Cleveland Unlimited
Agency: The Johnson Group
Language: English

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