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Promises Kept - Removing the Restrictions

How does T-Mobile, the number-six player in the category, with only 7% market share, battle the well-known gargantuans of the mobile phone industry, with their well-established brands, retail presence, and deeper pockets? By acting and communicating like a leader. And by targeting and dominating a segment it can own - leading directly to market share and perception gains that actually helped it pass one of these titans, Nextel. And got them within striking distance of Sprint as well.

Brand: T-Mobile
Client: T-Mobile USA
Agency: Publicis West
Language: English

Yahoo! Personals Live Billboard Dating Campaign

We were looking for a powerful media-worthy story where online dating could be brought to life. The goals were to generate awareness, brand perception and trial. Results were as follows: unique visitors to Y! Personals were up, we had 347 television and radio stories in 100 markets across the country and Yahoo! Personals subscriptions increased 199% from the previous year.

Brand: Yahoo! Personals
Client: Yahoo!
Agency: Yahoo! Advertising
Language: English

Time to move on's market share in the online recruitment category was in a solid third place. It was time for the brand to become noticed and live up to its product offering of more jobs than the competition. To succeed,'s communications empathized with the job seeker, and the message ran at times when job seekers would be most receptive to the advertising. After the first month of the campaign, catapulted to the category share leader and continues to maintain that position today.

Client: CareerBuilder
Agency: Cramer-Krasselt
Language: English

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