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Online dating is one of the fastest growing categories on the Internet, and central in Yahoo!'s strategy of increasing revenue from subscription-based services in 2003. The key to leadership in this new category is to encourage postings, particularly among women, which drive the subscriptions of young men. Agency research identified an opportunity to increase postings of personals by appealing to women's belief in the power of fate, and in the power of Yahoo! Personals to give fate a nudge. The campaign increased top-of-mind awareness of Yahoo! Personals by an average of 120% in key advertising markets, while both postings and subscriptions increased by 40% over campaign objectives.

Brand: Yahoo! Personals
Client: Yahoo!
Agency: Black Rocket Euro RSCG

T-Mobile National Launch

David and the Four Goliaths Just what the world needs, another wireless carrier. Or is it? T-Mobile was a new brand entering the most competitive category in the US, if not the world. We took on the 4 Goliaths (AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and Cingular) with a fraction of their ad spend and knocked them on their heels. We broke through to a savvy and cynical customer with a new and relevant value equation: "Get More", which translated into way more than our fair share of the market

Brand: T-Mobile
Client: T-Mobile USA
Agency: Publicis West

Can you hear me now? Good.

In the midst of a wireless price war, Verizon Wireless' primary goal was to defend its category leadership position. To be successful, the brand had to elevate itself beyond price, differentiate itself from the competitors and reinforce its superior, national and reliable network. Verizon Wireless met and surpassed its goals. Just 6 months after the Testman campaign launch, Verizon Wireless maintained and firmly secured category leadership over established rival Sprint and gained solid ground on key awareness and brand image measures supporting superior network and reliable service.

Brand: Verizon
Client: Verizon Wireless
Agency: Bozell

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