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By 2002 the wireless category's growth began slowing down, and the competitors were looking more and more alike. Differentiation became a challenge and as the category matured, consumers got savvier and more cynical. Cingular's business performance began to reflect the category's complexities: flow share dropped below market share, and churn was above the industry average. Into this environment, Cingular launched Rollover. By the end of the first year, Cingular's goals were exceeded -- awareness and flow share were both up while churn was on the decline.

Brand: Cingular Wireless
Client: Cingular Wireless
Agency: BBDO Atlanta
Language: English

The New Yahoo! Search

Yahoo! is the original Internet Search brand, and has become the world's largest Internet portal behind a "find anything" position. However, the breadth of content had begun to clutter perceptions of Yahoo! Search, and new search-specific brands were growing at a faster rate. This was a campaign to "free the search bar," and introduce the New Yahoo! Search, which increased share growth by 100% over plan.

Brand: Yahoo! Search
Client: Yahoo!
Agency: Black Rocket Euro RSCG
Language: English

Carrot Top: 1-800 CALL AT&T for Collect Calls

The three things to remember about this EFFIE entry: 1. CALL ATT had to break phone calling behaviors of an almost Pavalonian magnitude. 2. The combination of celebrity spokesperson and easy-to-remember dialing mnemonics was successful in teaching a new dialing behavior and driving usage. 3. The results, particularly the market share gains and over-delivery on revenue targets, demonstrated that the strategy and creative were successful in growing the CALL ATT brand and business.

Brand: AT&T
Client: AT&T
Agency: Young & Rubicam New York
Language: English

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