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Cingular Wireless National Brand Launch

Cingular Wireless, a company formed by a merger of 11 companies, launched in January 2001 with 20 million customers and no brand awareness. The challenge was to create 40% brand awareness in six months and establish a unique personality for Cingular, differentiating it from its competitors.

Brand: Cingular Wireless
Client: Cingular Wireless
Agency: BBDO Atlanta

If You Want It

eBay has become one of the pop-cultural reference points of the past 5 years. However, despite its rapid growth, the public definition of eBay had not kept track with evolution of the site. While popular and media definitions of the site characterized eBay as an on-line junkskop/fleamarket the reality is far different. eBay requires a advertising campaign which could begin to redress the balance of the brand and bring it more into alignment- not just for collectors, collectibles and rare occasions but for anyone, anything and everyday. The "If you want it" campaign was launched with the intention of shifting the perceptions of the eBay brand and user to drive increased numbers of unique visitors to the site - the campaign more than succeeded in its aim.

Brand: eBay
Client: eBay
Agency: Goodby, Silverstein & Partners


In the mobile phone industry, service providers are the dominant brands, even more so than the actual handset manufacturers. Nokia set out to change that, re-creating themselves through design, attitude and advertising as the personal brand of mobile technology. As a result, the now acclaimed Nokia brand is synonymous with self-expression and Personalization.

Brand: Nokia
Client: Nokia Mobile Phones
Agency: The Richards Group

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