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Why can't you?

Excite had come on strong in the search engine/portal business, yet its awareness and brand perception severely lagged its market position. Rather than fight Yahoo head on, this campaign seeks to associate Excite with an intelligent ease-of-use that has increased preference on a lower budget than its competition.

Client: Excite
Agency: Lowe and Partners
Language: English

Old Links

The HotBot 'Old Links' TV campaign was created to add value to a 'commodity' internet product which users did not even have to pay for. The campaign, which starred octogenarian information links, exceeded the goals set for it within 5 months - raising awareness of the brand with breakthrough advertising, driving traffic to the site at unprecedented levels and contributing to Hot Bot's bottom line by increasing the value of advertising on the site. The campaign did this by establishing a simple and relevant point - that in order to 'search smarter' and avoid wasted time and effort, web searchers needed the smarter, updated Hot Bot engine to help them.

Brand: HotBot
Client: Wired Digital
Agency: Goodby, Silverstein & Partners
Language: English


The "Moment" Campaign was designed to successfully launch a new telecom product while simultaneously reinforcing brand attributes.

Brand: Ameritech
Client: Ameritech Corporation
Agency: Ammirati Puris Lintas Chicago
Language: English

2020_uk_2020_e-452-879_hero_1 E.ON Let's Clear The Air
2020_us_2020_e-4991-658_hero_1 Cricket Wireless Erasing the Border with Mexico
2019_ru_2019_1575_hero_1 MegaFon Tulips for Mom

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