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The Live Wire of Communication

In the true spirit of entrepreneurialism, RCN was conceived as a means of capitalizing on the vast new opportunities created in the aftermath of deregulation. But the challenges were daunting. We were asking consumers to completely rethink the category. Despite their frustrations with their long-term service providers, they had never before heard of RCN and would find it difficult to trust a new comer with as fundamental a need as phone service. Our challenge was to present RCN not only as a credible telecommunications alternative, but to raise the consumer's comfort level and reduce the perceived risk associated with switching providers.

Brand: RCN
Client: RCN Corporation
Agency: Angotti, Thomas, Hedge, Inc.
Language: English

Pages of History

SkyTel's "Pages of History" campaign hit squarely at the anxiety people feel about whether they'll get all the pages they're sent. To firmly establish SkyTel as the "gold standard" in wireless messaging the tongue-in-cheek advertising highlighted the trouble you could have avoided had you used SkyTel. The result: leads and unit sales were more than six times base-period levels.

Brand: SkyTel
Client: SkyTel Communications, Inc
Agency: Suissa Miller Advertising
Language: English

Nothing To Hide

The "Nothing to Hide" campaign was created to educate people about the "no hidden charges" advantage of the AT&T One Rate Calling Card so they would enroll in the plan. The key insight that drove the effectiveness of the creative was that nobody likes to find out they've been misled an dripped off-- it makes them angry-- and that anger prompts them to action. Our creative dramatized our competitors hidden charges and literally handed consumers our calling card which they could lift off and call AT&T to activate

Brand: AT&T
Client: AT&T
Agency: FCB New York
Language: English

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